State Senate

The Virginia State Senate is the upper body of the Virginia General Assembly.

The Senate is comprised of 40 members who each represent approximately ### thousand citizens.

Along with the House of Delegates, the two bodies form a bicameral legislature which is derived from the original Virginia House of Burgesses formed in 1619. The Virginia General Assembly is the oldest democracy in the New World.

The Senate sits in the State Capitol for sixty days during a biennial budget year and forty-five days during an off year. It can also be called into special session by the Governor. Members of the State Senate also serve on standing committees and legislative subcommittees which meet throughout the year.

Serving in the State Senate pays $18,000 a year in salary. Therefore, many members hold full-time employment outside their legislative work.

Currently the Senate has 21 Republican members and 19 Democratic members.

You can find out more about the Virginia State Senate, including how to contact all the Senators, by visiting the official General Assembly website.

Senator Petersen's official Senate website can be found here.

When in session, the Senate of Virginia can be watched live here. Generally the day's session starts at noon. Past videos can be found on Richmond Sunlight.

To find out who your legislator is, the General Assembly offers a "Who's my Legislator" search function. That service can be found here.

Information on Senator Petersen's voting record can be found at Richmond Sunlight.

Senator Petersen's bills, and committee votes can also be found on LIS, the Legislative Information System. Senator Petersen's LIS page can be found here.